Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ouh la la!!!!


This was absolutely mind blowing!!! I was really lucky this week lol...Guess what happened? I was home on Monday 10.05.10 and was really busy braiding my small sis's hair...Really tiring particularly since she's got long hair.When I went to check my mob just in case someone contacted me which is not usually the case, I saw 5 Missed calls..Hmm who could be calling me so many times on a Monday morning...Nikhil of course!

He asked me where I was, as if he ddnt know and said he's already reached Rose-Belle.Here I was, all in a mess and with a kid to take to school, et monsieur in fini vini na??? I rushed in the bathroom and don't tell you, I took 15 min to take a quick one when I usually take 45min...Pfft..then I went to leave my sis at school and came rushing back home only to see that Mr had already did it both ways...still hurts..don't know why....Well, it was quite cool to start the week like :D

Then, today I was still washing the house at noon (hadn't finished yet), when he called asking who was at home...told him nobody..he asked me to keep my mob near me koz he gonna call me again...I said what the hell was happening??He then called again and the next thing he told me was to open the door as he had already reached...can you believe it? I didnt even know he was coming..said he wanted to give me a the surprise, sauf que moi je nettoyais la maison et j'etais pas belle a voir dans l'etat que j'etais...pffft...but he loves me the way I am...:p

Had a really great week...Started with him and ended with him...Wow..that's too good...If on;y everyday and every week could be like that..I'd be just so happy... :D

Until next time dad unlocks the phone for me to use the net...


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